At this vibrant market, more than 40 vendors sell locally produced foods and plants.

Founded in 1999, Spotsylvania Farmers Market is a municipal market operated by Spotsylvania County. We are committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest-quality products available. Each of our two market locations provide easy access to a broad array of well-priced, farm-fresh products.

Since its beginning, Spotsylvania Farmers Market has been a producer-only market and is still the only producer-only market in the area. To sell a product, the vendor must grow it, raise it or make it. Today, more than 40 vendors sell locally produced foods and plants at this vibrant market. We are proud to have served as a small business incubator for many of our vendors. 

Come visit the Spotsylvania Farmers Market and discover the bounty of the fresh, local vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, breads, honey and plants that are available almost all year long.

You will also find a variety of value-added products including locally roasted coffee, fresh squeezed lemonade, pies and pastries, pickles and jams, salsas, kettle corn, bbq and more! 

So bring family and friends, meet your farmer, and shop for some of the healthiest, freshest, locally-sourced ingredients the area has to offer. 



Beth Austin


Beth has always enjoyed gardening and cooking simple meals with fresh ingredients. She is passionate about the difference that eating a healthy, whole foods diet can make for a lifetime of good health and wellbeing. After many years in the corporate world, she went back to school for nutrition, returned to Spotsylvania after a long absence, and began working at the farmers market. She is delighted to be able to support the market while being surrounded by its beauty and bounty, getting to know vendors and customers, and having the opportunity to talk food all day.
Spotsylvania Farmer's Market

Danie Payne


Danie has always enjoyed attending local farmers markets and local farms to pick seasonal fruits and veggies. She loves seeing the impact that fresh, locally grown produce can have on the health of the community. She is also passionate about supporting local and family-owned businesses. Danie is excited to be a part of such a long running market in Spotsylvania, showcasing the hard work and dedication of local farmers and producers.