We operate two vibrant market locations serving the greater Spotsylvania area. We are proud to support the local farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers and specialty food producers this region has to offer. We are committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest-quality, locally-produced products available. SFM is proud to have served as a small business incubator for many of our vendors.


Step 1: See if You Qualify

Spotsylvania Farmers Market (SFM) is strictly a food and farms marketplace. We are a producer-only market that is interested in showcasing locally grown, raised, sourced and produced products. The items below will not be accepted at SFM. Further information can be found in the SFM Rules and Regulations via the download button at the top of this page. • Food items not grown and/or processed by the vendor • Non-food items unless grown and processed by the producer (e.g., flowers, herb tinctures, beeswax candles) • Non-food items processed without any ingredients that are sourced locally • Any item not produced in Virginia • Craft and artisan items • Items that are processed or manufactured by another business

Step 2: Learn the Market Rules and Regulations

Please read the SFM Rules & Regulations for 2022 to learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions and for additional information about the requirements and expectations of participating in one of our market locations. You may also find it helpful to review “Going To Market”, a guide published by Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.

Step 3: Fill Out a Vendor Interest Form

Now that you know your business may be a good fit for SFM, please submit a Vendor Interest Form at any time. If it is the application season, you may want to complete an application (see Step 4 below). If it is not the application season, we will be in touch with you should we have vendor space available.

Step 4: Submit a Formal Application

During our application period, we invite interested businesses to formally apply with us for the upcoming season. Our application period for the 2022 market season is February 1 through February 28. Applications are completed online at Manage My Market. A separate application is required for each market location. The application process consists of two simple steps. Application Step 1: Complete or update your Vendor Profile on Manage My Market. Application Step 2: Complete an application on Manage My Market for the Route 3-Gordon Road Commuter Lot market location and/or for the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center market location. When our application period is closed, please submit a Vendor Interest Form (see Step 3 above) and you will be notified should a vendor space become available.

Step 5: Review of Applications and Status Notification

SFM is committed to creating a diverse market place with the highest-quality, locally-produced products available. The vendor selection process is a rigorous one, taking into consideration many factors, including product quality, sourcing, seniority, regulation compliance, customer service, and an appropriate product and vendor mix to ensure a successful market. At the close of the application period, SFM’s Executive Committee will review all applications that are received and their associated documentation. A member or representative of the Executive Committee may request a visit to the applicant’s production and processing location(s) during the review process. The Executive Committee has the authority to accept or refuse any applicant as a market vendor. The Executive Committee’s decision will be communicated to the applicant in writing. The Executive Committee’s decision is final.

Step 6: Assignment of Vendor Spaces

Welcome to the Spotsylvania Farmers Market! Once vendor selection is complete, the Market Manager will assign stall spaces to all vendors accepted into each market location. A vendor will be assigned a stall space(s) for the entire season. Returning vendors who met the attendance requirement during the previous season will have priority to the stall space(s) to which they were previously assigned (see 2020 SFM Rules & Regulations for requirement). Vendors will be notified of their stall space assignments in writing shortly before the season begins.