Please see the 2020 Market Map HERE to help you locate favorite vendors for placing and picking up orders.  


Please reach out to vendors directly and place pre-orders for pick up on market day. Pre-payment at the time of order is ideal. For our SNAP customers who want to pre-order, see the SNAP EBT page for details.


 Contact information for vendors is being added to the website regularly so keep checking back.  


Looking for a specific vendor? Just curious about what vendors are selling at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market? Here is an alphabetized list of the vendors selling at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market in 2020.


Remember, when a vendor sells at a Spotsylvania Farmers Market, they must grow it, raise it or make it.




Agriberry is a family business that specializes in berries and stone fruit produced on 25 owned and 31 leased acres in Hanover County.  They operate a CSA from May through October and bring peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries to market in late spring through early fall.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Contact Rose Ransom at or 804-450-1421




Barajas Produce is a small family-owned business that provides a wide variety of fresh vegetables and berries to area farmers markets. Located in Montross, VA, the farm has been in operation for over 16 years. They take pride in the quality of produce that they offer, especially the heirloom and cherry tomatoes, squash, and sweet and hot pepper varieties that include habanero, scorpion, Carolina reaper, ghost and fatalii peppers.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: E-mail or call 540-842-7050



Burnley Farm Apiary is a local honeybee company that is owned and operated by Thurman Burnley.  Thurman initially got into beekeeping to help his orchard and vegetables produce more, but beekeeping soon became his primary farming activity.  Burnley Farm Apiary sells honeybees and hives for those interested in beekeeping.  At the market, you’ll find natural, raw wildflower honey from Spotsylvania, as well as different varieties of soaps, lotions, lip balms, and raw beeswax.


C & A Produce is a family-owned business located in Westmoreland County, where they offer a great variety of fresh local produce. They provide vegetables, fruits, plants and cut flowers, as well as hanging flower baskets and herbs. Their vegetables are freshly picked from their farm for your family to enjoy. 

Owned and operated by C & A Produce, the Pickle Factory brings many different varieties of fresh cut pickles sold by the pint or quart.  Flavors include sweet bread & butter, mini dill ,chips, whole kosher, spears, jalapeño, habanero, sour, sauerkraut, pickled green tomatoes, pickled beets and more.  

TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Visit their Facebook page and send a message, email, or call 804-456-7796. To pre-pay, C & A accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, cash & all major credit cards thru square upon delivery exchange. Please order by Thursday for pick up at the farmers market or at the farm.


Craig DeBernard is a third-generation farmer from a family who immigrated from Italy in the early 1900s.  As a child, he learned the trade of farming while working on his father's farm.  In 1991, he decided to carry on the family tradition of agriculture in the name of C&T Produce and now farms about 500 acres of land in Stafford and King George counties.  Known for their vine-ripened tomatoes, sugar-sweet watermelons, and finger-licking corn, C&T Produce looks forward to providing you with the freshest fruits and vegetables possible.



Emerald Bee Bath specializes in lotions, artisan soaps, bath fizzies, candles, scrubs, and sea sponges, all made with care and natural goodness.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Order online through the Etsy website emeraldbeebathshop or by phone, 850-225-5708 or email,


G. Flores started out being a farmer at a young age in Mexico where he helped his father plant corn and squash.  He now owns his own 44 acre farm with land that is suitable for many different crops. He has been growing a variety of vegetables and fruits for 20 years with his son and family. G. Flores Produce offers their produce at the farmers market, as well as to local grocery stores. 


Goody Paws Bakery Treats started out creating wholesome pet treats for family and friends. They are now happy to share their homemade creations as a vendor at Spotsylvania Farmers Market. Their recipes incorporate local produce when available, home milled flours, and use simple, natural ingredients with grain free and gluten free options. They greatly enjoy interacting with local pet enthusiasts and their pets and knowing that they love their pets as much as they do. Their meticulously crafted treats are well received, especially for those pets with allergies and sensitive stomachs.


TO PLACE AN ORDER: Please visit their online store at or contact Virginia at 540-841-4526 or by email at View the section on the website addressed to our Farmers Market customers when ordering. All pickup orders must be placed by 6:00PM on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday Farmers Market. Our first day will be on May 2nd. Thank you so very much!


Great Harvest Bread Company in Burke is a woman-owned company that has been in business since 2004. Using freshly milled wheat, they bake their wholegrain breads from scratch and offer a variety of granolas, sweets and cookies made from wholesome ingredients.  Their passion for phenomenal baked goods is the main reason for everything they do in their bakery and for their community. 


TO PLACE AN ORDER:  For delivery or pick up, call 703-249-0044,  visit their website or use this order link.


Gringo Mama provides authentic, Tex-Mex Salsa with a hint of smoke and heat. We freshly prepare our salsas from locally sourced ingredients with no preservatives. We offer Smoked Tomato, Black Bean & Corn, Tomatillo, and Mango Chipotle. 



TO PLACE AN ORDER: Order online through our website gringomamasalsa.comby phone, 571-338-8378, or email,



Guillen Produce is a family-operated farming business located in Colonial Beach, VA. They strive to cultivate top quality produce and vegetables every season.


After a decade in the food-service industry and moving to Texas for the Army, Mike Harner has come back home to Fredericksburg, VA and started a barbecue business. The main concept of Harner BBQ is to give guests a taste of Mike’s favorite smoked meats through uniquely flavorful recipes. He has incorporated Memphis and Texas styles into a small but uniquely diverse menu.  Top-notch quality and unmatched affordability come first with Harner BBQ. 

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Please visit or contact Mike at 540-846-4554.  Pickup orders must be placed by 12:00PM on Friday's prior to the Saturday market. Thank you!


Heritage Oaks Grange brings lamb, Berkshire pork, and free-range eggs to the market each week. Their 100 percent Katahdin Hair sheep are grassed on mixed grasses, clover, sun hemp, and sunflower seed, and are fed non-GMO corn that has been grown locally in the Northern Neck. Lambs get free choice minerals and kelp, and eat non-GMO alfalfa, finishing their day munching on hay. Red Sex egg laying hens enjoy free range romping on the farm. Hens are fed non-GMO corn, sunflower seeds and mixed small grains. A non-GMO mineral is added to the feed. Kelp is available free choice and oyster shells are sourced from a local oysterman. The farm’s water source is from an Artistan well 450 feet underground. Heritage Oaks Grange is all natural, and no hormones are used on the farm.

TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Contact Heritage Oaks Grange by email, phone 540-903-2527 or Facebook.




Honeycomb Heroes is a veteran-owned business that manages about 400 hives. They offer three varieties of raw honey and beeswax care products. Their pure varieties include local wildflower from Stafford, Shenandoah Apple honey, and Florida orange blossom honey.


Jim O’Campo, owner of Java Jims, spent 6 years in the Marine Corp, and has recently retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 31 years. He offers 5-6 varieties of locally roasted Rick’s Roasters Coffee by the cup and by the bag.  He also offers all-natural smoothies, with four different fruits to choose from.  Start your morning right with a stop at Java Jim’s. 




The shiitake mushroom farm of K & T Specialties is located in Spotsylvania County. They grow their shiitake mushrooms the natural organic way, which is on oak logs inoculated with organic spawn without any chemicals or pesticides. They are forest-grown outdoors in a natural setting where nature plays a strong role in each week’s production. On occasion, other mushrooms are available such as oyster varieties. 


Kickshaws is a dedicated gluten-free bakery specializing in allergy friendly foods made with locally sourced, natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients. Their baked goods are typically free of all of the top eight allergens making them a fantastic choice for those with food sensitivities, allergies and special diets like vegan and vegetarians. They are dedicated to making the very best treats for their customers week-to-week including custom orders for any type of special occasion.





Liliana Produce is a family-owned farm located in Warsaw County on the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Approximately 30 acres of production include various types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers that are sold at farmers markets in Spotsylvania, Fairfax, Manassas, and Norfolk.  Liliana Produce is constantly working to transition and improve products and growing methods to ensure fresh, safe, high quality, and nutritious fruits and vegetables. They are also continually improving their sustainable production practices in many ways such as using integrated pest management, plastic mulch, crops rotations, cover crops, organic foliar sprays, and using plant varieties that perform well in their growing area. These methods are helping to reduce weed, insect, and disease pressure which allows them to provide fruits and vegetables that are grown the way they want them to be. 

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Call or text 804-564-4416. Visit their Facebook to find out what is available.


Little Green Farm consists of a family-run farm located in Spotsylvania County where they grow vegetables and fruit to sell at the farmers market. They have been farming for a little over nine years. They started as a very small operation on 5 acres of their own land, but as demand for their produce has grown, they have slowly expanded.  Their favorite things to grow are berries – blue, black, yellow and red – but they provide a broad assortment of all the wonderful produce the area has to offer. 





Mandala Pies is a family-run business owned and operated by veterans of the U.S. Army (OEF/OIF) – Caitlin was Airborne!  They believe in buying locally and supporting the community.  Mandala Pies is meant to bring joy to everyone, and they want everyone who enjoys their pies to feel valued after purchasing from them. They came up with the name because a mandala is a beautiful circular design made with good intentions – their pies are their mandala.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Mandala Pies is taking preorders via email at  For more information, visit their website,



Marcy’s Garden Shop does floral design and offers family-grown freshly cut flowers, potted and direct seeded plants, herbs, some vegetables, free range eggs and jellies from their 15 acres in Spotsylvania County



Maribella Farms is a local, family owned and operated diversified farm. Jim Radintz, the managing operator of Maribella Farms, hold degrees in agriculture and financial management and completed a 38-year career at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, retiring in 2018. He also has over 30 years of hands-on experience in production agriculture. Their objective is to produce flavorful, wholesome, locally grown products for their customers.  Established in 1997, Maribella Farms has been a long-term vendor at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market, selling at the market since 2000.  Primary products include cage-free eggs, heirloom tomatoes, and grapes.  Maribella Farms also raises angus beef cattle for commercial sale.  The farm operates at 2 locations in Spotsylvania County.  Eggs and produce are grown at the home location near Chancellor and the beef operation is located near Marye. 


O’ Taste and See Donuts is a family-owned business that makes and sells delicious mini-donuts on site. See, smell and enjoy the wonderful comfort food of fresh, hot mini-donuts!

TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Visit to order online for Saturday pickup


Ochoa Produce is a family farm located in Warsaw, VA, that has been at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market since 2010. Their stand is normally managed by Lorena Ochoa and Nancy Ochoa, often with the help of Ricardo, Nancy's husband. They offer seasonal plants and produce (including diverse varieties, specialty/ethnic products), as well as fresh cut flowers.


TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Ochoa Produce is accepting PLANT PREORDERS as well as prepackaged VEGGIE BAGS! To order please call (804)761-8813, email or send a message on Facebook @ochoafamilyproduce or Instagram @ochoaproduce. Thank you!


Papa Weaver’s Pork produces all-natural pork and beef products from their family farm in Madison, VA. Tom Weaver is the seventh generation to farm this land, which was purchased by his great-great-great grandfather from President James Madison. Now, Matt and Sarah are continuing the tradition.


TO PLACE AN ORDER: Visit Papa Weaver’s Square Online Market, check out their website at, or contact them directly by phone 540-672-1552 or email



Paradise Lemonades and Fresh Fruit Shake Ups are delicious and refreshing on a hot summer’s day!  They make lemonade the old-fashioned way, with water, sugar and lemons, and kick it up a notch with new technology and fresh fruit puree.  Come out and see the show and try exciting flavors like peach, mango, and Pina colada - it will make the market experience fun for your whole family!




The Pickle Factory brings many different varieties of fresh cut pickles sold by the pint or quart.  Flavors include sweet bread & butter, mini dill ,chips, whole kosher, spears, jalapeño, habanero, sour, sauerkraut, pickled green tomatoes, pickled beets and more.  


Piedmont Farm and Greenhouse is a family-owned greenhouse and produce farm. They bring beautiful flowering baskets to the market in the spring. In the summer and fall, their tables are overflowing with an abundance of peaches, plums, pears, apples, and more.



Renewed Pastures Farm is a small family-owned and operated farm in Orange, VA that raises 100% grass fed beef the way nature intended. Their beef is never exposed to chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics. They believe that by raising cows following their natural tendencies - with daily movement to fresh pastures and a diet consisting solely of forage - they can heal the land, provide a superior product, and improve the health of their community. Raising cows the way nature intended leads to healthier animals, healthier and better tasting meat, and healthier consumers.


TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Visit,, or send an email to   



Roberto's Produce is a family-owned and operated 17-acre farm. They specialize in growing a variety of fruits and vegetables and have more than ten years of experience selling to the community at area farmers markets.


TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Orders from Roberto's Produce can be picked up at the market or he is offering delivery on a minimum $40 purchase. For what's available visit THIS LINK.   To place orders, send him a private message or text 804-214-0134


The Spotsylvania born family that owns Sweet Izzy’s Kettle Corn has a long time love for kettle corn. Inspired by their granddaughter, Izzy (a bit sweet and salty herself), they decided to start their own kettle corn company.  They are so very grateful for their loyal customers. They really enjoy the time their family gets to spend together at the market. Sweet Izzy’s offers Original Kettle Corn and Caramel Corn.


TO PLACE AN ORDER:  Sweet Izzy's Kettle Corn is offering pre-order for market pickup. Orders must be made before 8pm on Friday for pick up at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market on Saturday.   Visit to place an order.



Sweet Valley Farm Dairy is Northern Virginia's only USDA/VDACS-inspected Grade A goat dairy.  In 2007, they purchased 2 does (female goats) from a local 4-H family and began their cheese-making adventure.  Since then, they have expanded their offerings to include goat milk soap and goat milk lotion.  New for 2020 – Non-dairy, plant-based cheeses! Over the years, customers have asked for cheeses that support their non-dairy, vegan, paleo, AIP, gluten-free diets.  In addition to traditional milk-based cheeses, Sweet Valley Farm Dairy has developed several new products in response to these requests.  


TO PLACE AN ORDER:  The products they have available are listed on their website:  Order products for pick-up by sending a text: (540) 219-1679.  Include your EMAIL address, item, and quantity. An invoice will be sent to your email for payment.  They will package your products and have them ready for pick-up at the market.   

If you arrive at the market and have not pre-ordered or need to add to an order, simply send a text with your order and email address. If you cannot pay your invoice electronically, they will accept in-person credit/debit payments at the market. 


“Thank you VERY much for your patience during these chaotic times.  We GREATLY APPRECIATE your continued support of our farm!!”


The Green Thumb is a small, 18-acre farm in Sumerduck, VA. They have a 2,400 square foot greenhouse that is used for growing hanging baskets and spring bedding plants. Summers are spent growing vegetables and canning the pickles and relishes that they bring to the market. They also provide antibiotic-free pork, lamb and beef, and in the fall, they have locally pastured chickens.  To round it all out, The Green Thumb sells pork sausage sandwiches from a hotdog cart at the market.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Contact Larry at or 540-439-8316


The farm of Valdez Brothers is located in Westmoreland County, near Colonial Beach, VA. They cultivate everything ranging from flowers to a variety of vegetables and anything in between. 


Valley View Bakery is located in Lorton, Virginia. At the market, they offer delicious fresh baked chicken and beef empanadas, and their specialty, "Pastelillos de carne" (Puerto Rican Beef Turnovers). You will also find assorted sweet breads made with locally grown fruits. Stop by and try them out. You’ll be glad you did!

TO PLACE AN ORDER: visit or contact them directly at


Village Bakery Cafe is a producer of artisan hearth breads and European style pastries. Owners Scott and Lisa are Army brats and grew up in Germany. When they moved to the States, they were unable to find the same quality of pastries and breads that they were used to eating so they decided to bake their own. They use simple, all natural and preservative-free ingredients and do all the dough prep and baking by hand on the night before the market. Their breads and pastries are high quality, fresh, and delicious.

TO PLACE AN ORDER:  To order, please contact Scott at Village Bakery via email, or on Facebook. Pre-orders for an upcoming Saturday market will need to be placed by the prior Thursday.


Westwind Flowers provides beautiful, specialty cut flowers from a farm located in Orange, VA.​


TO PLACE AN ORDER: To place an order for beautiful mixed flower bouquets, visit


Wild Rose Gardens specializes in the most sought-after varieties of daylilies and hibiscus, as well as a great assortment of the newest perennial varieties. This season, they will be bringing many exciting new varieties of coneflower, butterfly bush, succulents, daylilies and hibiscus. Their plants are grown using sustainable agriculture practices, which attract and put beneficial insects to work.


Located in downtown Fredericksburg, this local coffee roastery specializes in single origin, high altitude Guatemalan coffee that comes from the owner's hometown of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Their coffee grows at 5,000 ft above sea level and has natural cocoa, caramel and fruit notes. It is also sustainably sourced from small coffee farms. They are delighted to bring to your cup one of the best specialty coffees in the world. Get a bag to brew at home or enjoy a cup and have an Xquizit experience. 


TO PLACE AN ORDER: Go to to order the items you would like. Check that you select the correct grind (whole bean, coarse, medium or fine grind) as well as the correct bag size (12oz, 16oz, or 5lb).  Be sure to select "Pick-up at Route 3 Farmer's Market" as your shipping method, and we will have the items pre-bagged and ready for you at the market. Pre-order drinks are available on the site as well. Email us at or call/text (540) 424-6170 if you have any questions.


Zamora Produce is a family-owned business and farm where they grow all kinds of vegetables.




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